LETECH, s.r.o.

LETECH, s.r.o. is a renowned mechanical engineering company established in 2002

Our development team is trying to satisfy our customers’ ever increasing demand by designing unique solutions for the individual projects using the software and mechanical-engineering background of the company. We prefer the manufacture of unique pieces aimed to both design and fabrication of various checking and fixing tools, mainly for automotive industry.

We offer feasible solutions aimed to the performance and providing of all activities related to machinery industry, automation and measuring systems.

While trying to satisfy our customers’ specific requirements, we prefer individual approach to the projects technical solutions. Our goal is continuous improvement of quality of our products and technical assistance.

We provide to our customers the services in various areas of manufacturing. CNC metal machining belongs to LETECH’s important activities. We also provide services in the areas of turning, grinding, welding, various surface treatments and many other services based on customer’s requirements.


  • Checking and Fixing Tools
  • Automation Systems
  • Single Purpose Devices
  • Repairs of Machinery and Equipment
  • Conveyor Systems
  • CNC Manufacture
  • Engineering
  • 3-D Mobile Measuring


  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Spark eroding
  • Grinding
  • Heat Treatment
  • Blackening
  • Other Methods
  • Software Background

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