Software Background


  • a high-performance metrological software, which is, based on its unique architecture, able to cover efficiently great number of applications, which can be found in the industries
  • it is able to process and evaluate both surface and spot measurements made by both contact and contactless sensors


  • the most successful mechanical-engineering 3-D CAD system
  • as parametric 3-D modeler, it offers high-performance 3-D and 2-D modeling, vertical tools for pieces made from sheet, welded pieces and molds, work with assemblies of unlimited extent and automatic creation of workshop drawings


  • is fully integrated CAM system within SolidWorks CAD system environment. The functions for definition of machining steps are integrated in comfortable and ergonomically elaborated graphic environment of SolidWorks.
  • all features related to the control of 3-D models or assemblies are addressed with SolidWorks tools and features.
  • SolidWorks tools allow the work with geometry: modeling of pieces, complex assembly and creation of drawings.

Alibre Design

  • we are able to ensure the 3-D parametric modeling of bodies using Geomagic Design, which offers a great kit of tools for quick 3-D modeling.

Software Background

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