We are experts in fabrication and design of checking and fixing tools for measurement of pieces shape and checking of position of holes and other elements before the assembly in automotive and other industries.

  • the purpose of these products is the continuous check of the given project pre-manufacturing and manufacturing phases as well as the check of setting and precision of the tools for the testing of the manufactured pieces.
  • our designers are consulting the customer's requirements, and develop the related basic engineering and drawings
  • our tools allow the elimination of poor-quality pieces before they could be assembled, the manufacturing process accuracy improvement, and reducing thereby the manufacturing costs

Based on the emerging need for manufacture efficiency increase, safety requirements and quality increase of the manufactured goods, we are able to analyze and design a customized automation equipment.

We can provide integrated-system solutions for automated industrial manufacture, automated testing and measurement, as well as the following:

  • control systems for manufacturing plants and conveyors
  • systems for data gathering in the manufacturing process
  • systems for assembly pieces positioning checks
  • control systems technical assistance and maintenance
  • manufacturing process status visualization
  • programmable equipment for measurement and check of mechanical (dimensions), electric and physical parameters (transfer resistance, luminous intensity, insulation resistance, noise level, etc.)
  • equipment for automatic check of shape and dimensions of mechanical pieces and correctness of electronic items connection and functionality

In order to streamline, refine or accelerate production processes, we design and implement single-purpose equipment projects

Our goal is to manufacture equipment that meets customer requirements for reliability, efficiency and safety. Machines and production lines are designed so that further adjustments to the required customer can be made. Single-purpose machines can be a separate workplace or as a part of production lines.
Projects realized from the initial design, through production and assembly to a specific location at the customer, taking care of:

  • streamlining and speeding up repeat manufacturing processes
  • health and safety at work
  • increase in production accuracy

LETECH is also offering complete maintenance and repairs of industrial molds as well as the following:

  • repairs by micro welding
  • repairs of tools
  • grinding
  • renovation of machinery and equipment
  • high-precision measurements

Based on customer's manufacture status and needs, our engineers can design, analyze and modify to your requirements various types of conveyors in several combinations as follows:

  • belt conveyors
  • chain conveyors
  • tray rollers
  • hoist rails

Our core business is the fabrication of high-precision pieces, specific spare parts, mold adapters, standardized pieces and components for demanding technical uses.

In order to meet the customer's demands in the best manner, regardless whether of material or engineering nature, we find the collaboration with the customer as fundamental.

We offer the following:

  • services related to basic engineering
  • development of machinery and equipment by the mean of state-of-the-art engineering and scientific knowledge as well as the LETECH staff expertise
  • development of drawings, visualization and simulation by the mean of CAD software in order to optimize the projects
  • our design department will ensure the optimization and customizing of wide range of your machinery-related projects

This is made by the mean of ROMER 3-D measuring arm:

  • universally balanced 6-axis 3-D measuring equipment ensuring the maximum mobility for the industrial metrology
  • measuring range: spherical diameter of 1.2 m
  • volume accuracy: MPEe (μm) = 5 + L/40 ≤ 180.023 mm
  • point measurement reproducibility: ± 0.008 mm



We provide CNC milling in the following 4- and 5-axis high-precision machining centers:

1. Haas VF-3SS Super Speed

CNC frézovanie    Technical Parameters

  • allowance ± 0.005 mm
  • table dimensions : 1,219 x 770 mm
  • travel range: 1,016 x 508 x 635 mm
  • spindle rotation speed: 12,000 inline
  • quick travels : 35.6 m/min
  • standard tool magazine: 24 + 1 lateral
  • eligible tool magazine: 40 + 1 lateral


  • high-speed spindle
  • tool exchanger with lateral assembly
  • more movements of X and Z axes

2. Haas VF4

Technical Parameters

  • allowance ± 0.005 mm 
  • table dimensions in mm: 1,321 x 457
  • travel range in mm: 1,270 x 508 x 635
  • spindle rotation speed: 8,100 inline
  • quick travels in m/min: 25.4
  • >standard tool magazine: 20
  • eligible tool magazine: 24 + 1 lateral

3. Haas VF7

Technical Parameters:

  • allowance ± 0.005 mm
  • table dimensions in mm: 2,134 x 711
  • travel range in mm: 2,134 x 813 x 762
  • spindle rotation speed: 8,100 inline
  • quick travels in m/min: 15.2
  • standard tool magazine: 24 + 1 lateral
  • eligible tool magazine: 40 + 1 lateral

4. Mikron VCE 1200 PRO


  • allowance ± 0.005 mm
  • travel in X, Y and Z axes: 1,200 x 600 x 675 mm
  • working spindle (40% ED, S6): 10,000 (ISO/BT40) / 18.5 / 209 rpm / kW / Nm
  • rapid traverse (X, Y): 32 m/min
  • rapid traverse (Z): 24 m/min
  • clamping surface / maximum load: 1,220 x 620 / 1700 mm/kg

1. Lynx 300

Technical parameters:

  • maximum machining diameter ø: 450 mm
  • maximum turning length: 765 mm
  • chuck standard size: 10"
  • traction bar diameter: 75 mm
  • maximum speed of spindle: 3,500 rpm
  • spindle maximum power: 15 kW

jovako-lynx 300

2. Lynx 2100

Technical parameters:

  • maximum machining diameter ø: 350 mm
  • maximum turning length: 330 mm
  • traction bar diameter: 65 mm
  • chuck standard size: 6/8"
  • maximum speed of spindle: 6,000 /4,500 rpm
  • maximum power of spindle: 15 kW

jovako-lynx 2100

Our newest equipment consists of spark eroding machines.

1. CUT 300 Sp /wire cutter/

- achieves high cutting speeds and performance
- is able to cut tapers under the angle of 45° regardless the piece height
- convenient for making hollows, holes, etc.

Technical Parameters:

  • travel in X, Y and Z axes: 550 x 350 x 400 mm
  • maximum piece dimensions: 1,200 x 700 x 400 mm
  • maximum piece mass: 1,500 kg
  • achievable surface roughness: Ra 0.1 µm

2. CUT 200 Sp /wire cutter/

Technical Parameters:

  • travel in X, Y and Z (*) axes: 350 x 220 x 220 mm

  • U, V (**) travel: 350 x 220 mm
  • maximum piece dimensions (*): 1,000 x 550 x 220 mm
  • maximum piece mass: 750 kg
  • quick travel (X, Y and U, V axes): 3 m/min
  • integrated collision protection (ICP): on 5 axes
  • maximum taper: ± 45/220 (standard being ± 30/220) °/mm
  • achievable surface roughness: Ra 0.1 µm

* width x depth x height / ** width x depth

3. Form 30 /die-sinking electrical discharge machine/

- is the most compact universal electrical discharge machinein the standard level segment.

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt Agie Charmilles Form 30

Technical Parameters:

  • maximum piece dimensions: 1,000 x 700 x 400 mm
  • travel range (X-Y-Z): 600 x 400 x 400 mm
  • maximum piece mass: 1,000 kg
  • measuring accuracy: 0.1 µm

4. DRILL 20 /hole drilling machine/

- drills holes with electrodes ranging from 0.1 to 3 mm in diameter
- drill small holes into assembly framesSúvisiaci obrázok
- drills holes into high-speed extrusion molds, etc.

Technical Parameters:  

  • travel in X, Y and Z axes: 300 x 200 x 300 mm
  • piece size: 700 x 450 x 200 mm
  • maximum piece mass: 300 kg
  • maximum drilling depth: 200 mm

We provide grinding of mechanical pieces and components with high demand for accuracy and surface quality.

Our fabrication background includes :


1. Cylindrical grinding machine BERNARDO /type: URS 500N/

Technical parameters:

  • maximum grinding length [mm]: 500
  • center height [mm]: 135
  • outside grinding diameter [mm]: 8 ÷ 200
  • maximum piece mass [kg]: 60
  • inside grinding diameter [mm]: 13 ÷ 100
  • maximum grinding depth [mm]: 125
  • maximum table tilting range [°]: +3 / -9
  • maximum table longitudinal travel [mm]: 600
  • table continuous feed [m.min-1]: 0,1 ÷ 4
  • maximum manual table travel speed / hand wheel[mm.U-1]: 6

2. Surface grinding machine BERNARDO /type: BSG 4080 AHD/

Technical parameters:

  • working table dimensions [mm]: 405 x 815
  • t-slots quantity / width [mm]: 3 / 14
  • electromagnetic clamping plate [mm]: 400 x 800
  • maximum longitudinal travel [mm]: 900
  • maximum cross travel [mm]: 450
  • maximum distance of spindle center from table surface[mm]: 580
  • maximum piece massu [kg]: 500
  • grinding wheel dimensions [mm]: 350 x 40 x 127
  • table speed, hydraulic drive [m.min-1]: 5 ÷ 25

3. Surface grinding machine TOS /type BPH 20/

Technical parameters:


  • maximum grinding length [mm]: 630
  • maximum grinding width [mm]: 200
  • maximum grinding height [mm]: 350
  • table clamping area [mm]: 200 x 630
  • maximum piece mass [kg]: 140


We offer the material heat treatment as follows:

  1. Quenching
  2. Cementation
  3. Annealing

We have the following equipment:

1.Hardening chamber furnace PK 55/12

The hardening chamber furnaces are used mainly for quenching, annealing and preheating of metals before forging, under oxidizing atmosphere as well as for metal molds preheating.

Technical parameters: Súvisiaci obrázok

  • maximum temperature: 1,280 °C
  • capacity: 55 l
  • maximum piece dimensions: 400 x 550 x 250 mm
  • maximum mass: 150 kg

2. Tempering furnace PP 270/65

An even heating due to horizontal circulation of inner atmosphere is an advantage.

Technical parameters:

  • maximum temperature: 650 °C
  • capacity: 270 l
  • maximum piece dimensions: 600 x 750 x 600 mm
  • maximum mass: 200 kg

  • This is designed mainly for steel, iron and cast iron.
  • The blackening process consists of degreasing, conditioning / pickling, blackening and anti-corrosion protection.
  • The created black layer on the metal surface is from 0.1 to 0.3 micron; therefore, it is applied also on very demanding pieces with narrow dimensional allowance.

Blackening advantages:

  • minimum change of dimensions
  • an average thickness of black layer is as low as 0.16 micron, which is substantially less than in case of electroplating or painting
  • anti-corrosion resistance- the blackened surface is absorbing oils and other anti-corrosion agents, thus ensuring the required resistance
  • safety - he matt black surface reduces the light reflexion from moving parts, which increases the labor safety
  • the resistant black surface treatment is improving the appearance of the product, and thereby also its value

Maximum dimensions of piece to be blackened:

  • maximum dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 500 x 300 x 260
  • maximum mass: 50 kg

Micro Welding

MicroSpot micro-pulse welding machine controlled by a CPU is designed for high-precision hardfacing of tool steels while repairing the molds and shearing tools within the entire range of materials and hardnesses.


- in CO2 atmosphere
- with electrode

Surface Treatment

- electroplating
- painting

Other Works

- to be subcontracted as needed


  • a high-performance metrological software, which is, based on its unique architecture, able to cover efficiently great number of applications, which can be found in the industries
  • it is able to process and evaluate both surface and spot measurements made by both contact and contactless sensors

Geomagic Design

  • we are able to ensure the 3-D parametric modeling of bodies using Geomagic Design, which offers a great kit of tools for quick 3-D modeling.


  • the most successful mechanical-engineering 3-D CAD system 
  • as parametric 3-D modeler, it offers high-performance 3-D and 2-D modeling, vertical tools for pieces made from sheet, welded pieces and molds, work with assemblies of unlimited extent and automatic creation of workshop drawings


  • is fully integrated CAM system within SolidWorks CAD system environment. The functions for definition of machining steps are integrated in comfortable and ergonomically elaborated graphic environment of SolidWorks.
  • all features related to the control of 3-D models or assemblies are addressed with SolidWorks tools and features.
  • SolidWorks tools allow the work with geometry: modeling of pieces, complex assembly and creation of drawings.



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